Cheerleading Classes




Beginning Cheer: This class is focused on the fundamentals of cheer; proper technique for basic stunting and perfecting motions & jumps.  Technique for basic tumbling skills (rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, etc.) will also be a focus.


Intermediate Cheer: Students will begin preparations for and practice one leg stunts, full twisting stunts & dismounts, and basic tosses.  They will also start practicing multiple jumps and intermediate level tumbling (walkovers, front & back handsprings, etc.)



Flexibility and Core: This class is designed to develop core strength and over all flexibility. These are two core fundamentals that will assist cheerleaders with jumps and body positions. It is also great for dancers for body alignment and skill acquisition.


Advanced Cheer: Begin work on double twisting and switching feet in stunts. Tosses will begin incorporating two tricks. Multiple jumps and standing tumbling will be performed together.


College Partner Stunting: Learn techniques and progressions to prepare for college cheer.  This class is designed to introduce cheerleaders to the basics of partner stunting.  The focus of this class is on proper technique and progression.




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