We are thrilled to offer a new Home School PE Class at TNT! This class is focused on mobility, physical education, body awareness, and building self esteem for all children interested in participating! This class is broken up into age groups, so be sure to check out the details within the parent portal! If you cannot commit to a monthly class, any members can siply pay the $15 Walk-In rate! See additional details below. 


$10 Trial Class to try it out! 

If you decided after your trial class that TNT is your place, the $10 for each child  will come OFF the cost of the Annual Membership fee. ($50/ 1 Child or $90 / Family).This memebership makes you eligible for classes, camps, and special events! A t-shirt, bag, and member only discounts are included. 


Presidential Physical Fitness Test

We will be incorporating the standards for the Presidential Physical Fitness test within our PE Class. We wil complete testing on these itesm 3x a year!


Current Class Times:

5-12 Years:  12:00-1:00 Tuesday

3-4 Yrs: 1:00-1:50 Friday

5-8 Yrs: 2:00-3:00 Friday

*Additional Class times and age groups available upon request! Email any class requests to TNTGYM.OFFICE@gmail.com


Monthly Tuition

Your monthly tuition will be pro-rated based on the quantity of classes you have that month. This will factor in holidays or dates that the gym is closed. You will not be billed for those specific dates and will not need to schedule a make up class.


3 Classes / Month: $41.25 (1 Hour)

4 Classes / Month: $55.00 (1 Hour)

5 Classes / Month: $61.87 (1 Hour)

$15 Walk In - Per Child


Sibling Dicounts:

10% OFF (2nd Child)

30% OFF (3rd Child)

50% OFF (4th Child ++)


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