TNT Families, 

     As of now many families and businesses are preparing for the possibilities of high winds, rain, and flooding from Hurricane Irma. At this time we know there are still many unpredictable changes that can occur, so now is the time to prepare your home, schedule, and take any necessary precautions necessary for your family. Safety is a primary concern for TNT and we plan to make the appropriate decisions keeping this in mind. Please see the breakdown below:




Thursday (9/7): No Classes after 3 PM

Friday (9/8): No Classes or special events

Saturday (9/9): No classes or special events

Sunday (9/10):  No classes or special events

Monday (9/11): No Classes 

Tuesday (9/12): TBD


  • What if my child's class is canceled because of the storm?
    • If we cancel your child's class, it is because we feel it is no longer safe for your family or our employees to travel to the gym to continue as regularly scheduled. We will allow any families who have a cancelled class to do a make up class without any additional fees or charges. 
  • Will I get a refund if I cannot do a make up class?
    • Per our regular policy, we do not offer refunds for missed classes. This is the case for Hurricane Irma and any class cancelations made on behalf of TNT. You will have 30 days to attend a make up class in any day or time that has openings. 
  • How will I know if my child's class is cancelled?
    • We will continue to post to facebook and email directly to your inbox any class changes or cancelations. We always try to notify you as soon as possible to give you ample enough time to plan. 
  • How do I schedule a make up class?
    • In an effort to keep the phone lines clear in case of emergency, we do encourage all parents to schedule a make up class online within the parent portal. Doing this within the portal will allow you to see available spaces and different times that a make up class is possible to plan for your personal schedule. The steps are listed below:
      • Login to the parent portal online at 
      • Login to your portal account.
      • Click on "Classes" on the left side tool bar
      • Search the class type that your child is in. 
      • View schedule of classes and select the class that will fit your schedules needs
      • Change "Active" to "Make Up"
      • Follow steps in parent portal until you submit your make up class request. 
      • You will receive and email once your request has gone through and been approved. 



If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out at your earliest convenience! 

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