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Girls Recreational

TNT's Recreational Program is perfect for young gymnasts who are just beginning, or are coming back after a break! Our recreational program is built for children ages 5-17 years old. Classes are divided by gender and skill level. 

This program is perfect for families looking for fun fitness activities or that are looking to take the first step toward competitive gymnastics. We pride ourselves in being able to make fitness fun!



Gymnasts work on a comprehensive curriculum that entails all of the Olympic events. During class gymnasts are constantly in motion and participating in group and individual exercises designed to excel their focus, coordination, and gymnastics skills while enjoying a positive and fun family-atmosphere! At this time we will also be incorporating new gymnastics vocabulary to match each corresponding skill!



Girls and boys classes consist of levels 1-3. In each class, gymnasts will practice on three Olympic events; to progress through, gymnasts must complete their corresponding skill-charts. In every class there is a Skill of the Week on each event, which the gymnasts will focus on in addition to their other skills and exercises.

Girls- Level 1 (Ages 5-7 & 8+ Yrs): 1 Hour ; this is considered a beginner level.

Girls- Level 2: 1 Hour ; this is considered an intermediate level.

Girls- Level 3/Advanced Rec Mix (All Ages): 1.5 Hours ; this is considered an advanced level.

 *Advanced Rec is a class that allows any child who has completed the necessary skills for levels 1-3 to

continue developing without the competitive team environment. 

Program Events


Girls - Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, White Wall, Tumble Trak, Strength Set

Note: White Wall is a rotation designed to allow gymnasts to practice their handstand work and shaping for skill development; showing control in movement, body tension, and body awareness. Tumble Trak is a station that will allow children to jump to new heights and have soft landings during new skill introduction. Strength Set might include the rock wall, pull up bars, and peg board wall to further develop upper body and grip strength. This is not limited to any conditioning related activities.

Enrollment Preparation


Please keep in mind if your child is coming from another sport, we will typically schedule a trial in a level 1 class. For example, if a child is coming from a dance studio and is proficient on floor and tumbling, but has never done bars or beam, she may still test out in a level 1 class. In order for a child to progress from level to level, they must be showing growth and skill completion required for each level.

If your child has not completed a level 1 trial, or has not been promoted by a TNT coach to level 2 then this is not a class that  you should be registering for online. 

Call for questions about proper class placement.